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We are committed now more than ever to providing our guests with a safe place to stay and play. Which is why, when the time is right for you to travel again, we want you to be aware of the steps we’ve taken to meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by COVID-19. Please find Unscripted Durham's response to frequently asked questions below. Should you have additional questions, call us at 984-329-9500.

Q: Has Unscripted Durham updated its health and safety practices?
A: Yes. We have developed a comprehensive health and cleanliness plan for the hotel and all of our restaurants and bars which supplements the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Safe Stay Guidelines and is based on recommendations and requirements of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Department of Health (DOH), U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other federal, state and local agencies, as well as information from the National Restaurant Association, our cleaning product supplier Ecolab; and other partners, to minimize risk and enhance safety for our hotel guests and employees. 

Q: How are you cleaning guest rooms differently since COVID-19?

A: Guest rooms will be left vacant for 24 hours between guest stays, to the extent possible. Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected upon departure in accordance with guidelines provided by the CDC. Afterwards, the rooms will be treated with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected. All bed linens and laundry will continue to be washed at high temperatures and in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Q: How are you cleaning public areas and restaurants differently since COVID-19?
A: Public areas, restaurants and restrooms are cleaned with the recommended cleaners and disinfectants in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and Ecolab. Extra attention is paid to high-touch areas such as door handles, push plates, elevator buttons, thresholds, and handrails. All high-touch areas are sanitized at least once every 60 minutes. In our restaurants, areas such as tables, booths and chairs are sanitized after every use.

Q: What is your staff doing to protect themselves?

A: Unscripted Durham employees have been trained on progressive sanitization guidelines as recommended by the CDC and Ecolab. Masks and newly cleaned clothes will be mandatory for all employees to wear while on-property.  Hand washing and sanitization will be performed every 30 minutes or after each guest interaction.

Q: As a guest, am I required to wear a face mask in the hotel? What about in Durham in general?
A: Yes. The City of Durham currently requires a face covering or mask while in a business. Face coverings are not required if you are exercising outside.

Q: Will the hotel provide face masks or do I need to bring my own?
A: We strongly suggest guests bring their own face coverings as it is required by the City of Durham. Unscripted Durham does have a limited number of disposable face masks and gloves available for guests upon request.

Q: How many sanitizing stations are available for guests on property and where are they located?
A: Sanitizing stations are located at the front desk, on all elevator landings, at The Patio and at all pool entrances. Additional signage is located throughout the property directing guests to restroom locations for hand washing.

Q: Is self-check-in and self-check-out available and how does that work?
A: Self-check-in and self-check-out are not available but we have updated our process to reduce the amount of contact between guests and hotel staff.  

  • Prior to arriving at Unscripted Durham guests will be contacted to confirm their method of payment via a credit card authorization form.  The credit card confirmed will be authorized for the amount specified on the day of arrival.
  • On the day of arrival, guests will receive a text message from Unscripted Durham informing them that their room is now ready for check-in. Guests will come to the Front Desk to pick up their keys and digitally sign their registration card on an iPad.
  • On the day of departure, guests are encouraged to call the Front Desk when they are ready to check-out. At that time hotel staff will settle any open balances and email the guest a copy of their guest folio.

Q: How are room keys sanitized?
A: Room keys are being sanitized with the recommended cleaners and disinfectants in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and Ecolab.

Q: What are housekeeping services like during my stay?
A: Guest rooms are left vacant for at least 24 hours between guest stays to the extent possible. Housekeeping service is available upon request only, without guests in the room. Room attendants will offer to return at an alternative time for occupied rooms. Linens are delivered and removed from guest rooms in single-use sealed bags. All reusable collateral, including newspapers and magazines, have been removed from guest rooms and replaced with single-use disposable collateral or digital collateral. Extra pillows and blankets stored in the guest room closets have been removed and are available on request. Specific sanitization consideration is paid to the following guest room areas: desks, counter tops, tables, chairs, phones, remotes, thermostats, pulls and hardware, doors, doorknobs, bathroom vanities and accessories, bathroom fixtures and hardware, windows, mirrors, frames, lights, lighting controls, closets, hangers and other guest room amenities. Housekeeping equipment is sanitized at the beginning and end of each shift.

Q: What are in-room dining services like during my stay?
A: In-room dining is currently not available.

Q: Is the pool open?

A: Yes, the pool at Unscripted Durham is open. Non-hotel guests will have access to the pool if visiting The Patio during operating hours. The pool at Unscripted Durham is cleaned and maintained by a certified pool operator in accordance with local city and state guidelines.

Q: Is the gym open?
A: Yes, our 24-hour access gym is open to hotel guests.

Q: How is coffee available and what is the sanitization process between guests?
A: Complimentary drip coffee is available for hotel guests at the Front Desk from 6am-11am. Our staff is following the sanitization guidelines recommended by the CDC and Ecolab. Individual packaged sugars, stirrers, lids and holders are available.

Q: What venues are currently open?
A: The Patio is open for our Winter Wonderland Igloo Dining Experience. Due to limited seating capacity, reservations are encouraged. The Studio  is open Friday and Saturday evenings. Allday is temporarily closed.  For the most up to date hours of operation please visit Dining.

Q: What is your sanitization process between restaurant guests and how are seats being arranged?
A: Restaurant tables, chairs and chaise lounges are wiped with disinfectant after every guest use. Unscripted Durham employees have been trained on progressive sanitization guidelines as recommended by the CDC and Ecolab.

Q: Will you have disposable menus or how is the menu available in your dining outlets?
A: Guests have the ability to access our menus via their smart phones. Guests can take a picture of the QR code and it will immediately prompt them to open the menu in their browser.

Q: Is bar service available?
A: Yes, alcoholic beverages are currently available for purchase during dine-in services. View our hours and menu here.

Q: What are your parking options and how do I park?
A: Self-parking is available through the parking garage connected to Unscripted Durham. The parking rate is $1.50 per hour or $20 per night for overnight parking.  Please see signage upon arrival for details.

Q: Is luggage assistance available?
A: Yes, luggage assistance in available upon request. Hotel staff will deliver luggage up to the entrance of the guest room and alert the guest that their luggage has arrived. If the guest is not present, luggage will be placed inside the guest room. Our hotel staff is required to wear face masks and gloves, and our luggage carts will be sanitized after each use. Luggage storage remains available for your convenience.

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